Attracting Advertisers To Your Website

Almost every advertiser on the planet have the same train of thought when it comes to marketing their businesses online. First and foremost, they want to put banners on high volume sites. In other words.. if you want to attract the big money, work on getting tons of traffic to your site. Second... and just as important, make your site as clean and picture free as humanly possible. Nothing like a ton of pics and apps on your site to make it load slow. Most publishers make a fatal mistake of trying to make their site cool or unique with widgets.

When visitors come to a site that takes long to load they leave and never come back. Finally .. i know this is gonna sound like the pot calling kettle black but keep your website theme as simple as possible. Sta away from neo colored backgrounds. Even though this site is black, it's not an eye sore. Not many pics and apps and therefore my site loads very quickly and my ads are very visible. All that equals more advertisers.. more money.

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