Dealing With Crucial Decisions

It is the vision in which a corporation's `mission to be executed by the Chief Executive Officer. In order for the company to over come many obstacles, The Chief Executive will have to make many crucial decisions that will possibly alter the course of the company. Numerous questions of integrity, policies, and ethics will emerge. Should I hire youth and talent over age and experience ? Do I take my company global ? Who do we target first ? Do we add more risk in an effort to gain more rewards ?

Yes my friends.. the task of remaining sane for senior executives is colossal. Fortunately our predecessors have written many books to help those of us lacking experience. The Corner Office is on of those great books. It is also a must read for future executives. Board members can also combat the crucial decision making process. Experience is the elephant in the room when hard decisions surface. In my experience, talking to older , more experienced business people, can help others overcome gigantic obstacles. Nothing like a pair of listening ears to help separate troubling matters. Anytime there's an issue that can alter the direction of your company, lean on your board members for guidance. Remember they also serve as counselors and chances are one of them has been in a similar situation.

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