Earning Your Boards Trust

As a Chief Executive, earning your board's trust is imperative, not necessarily for the growth of your company but also for the sake of not wasting valuable minutes on special meetings to make decisions on matters that won't change the course of the companies mission. The single most effective way to earn your board's trust is by consistently executing, even in the most improbable economy or circumstances.

Numbers speak volumes at board meetings and as top senior officer, one of the main challenge you'll have is to continuosly advance the evolution of your company in a cost effective manner. The ability to save money for your company while staying productive at the same level without many adjustments to your balance sheets deliver a strong message to your board that says " I have complete control of this companies well being ". No company can survive with bad leadership and leadership starts at the Chief Executive. If the Chief Executive is under scrutiny from board members, then bad decisions will eventually rear it's ugly head, and from there it's all down hill from there. Stay focused on execution. Perfect the craft and the trust factor will come quite easily.

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