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If you ask people who have websites.. where do you get most of your traffic ? 95% of them would say social media sites like facebook, twitter and linked in.. etc. Rookies !!! If you want to play with the big boys and bring in stupid traffic you gotta think outside the box. I have a few different strategies for website marketing. The first is banner advertising. Ptc sites are the most guaranteed way to get lots of visitors to your site.

The second method I use is traffic exchanges. Traffic exchange is my favorite. Anytime I want global exposure for an article I just wrote.. I go to and The way traffic exchange work is you watch an ad for 20 seconds or less and get one credit. You then use your credits to market your website. It's really hard to beat traffic exchange networks.

I also use free classified sites like backpage and craigslist to market my site. is good for domestic ( u.s ) traffic and it's probably the cheapest method of online marketing outside of facebook. If you want more ways to get exposure for your website.. just look to the left under the globe.

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