How To Land Good Board Members

Landing good board members is kind of like finding a specific needle in a stack of needles. When interviewing for the position, you'll find that many of the applicants have the same or similar answers to your questions. Here's how to separate those who just have personal gain in mind from the ones who really want the job. First and foremost, the applicants who really want the job should always talk about the well being and growth of the company. Stay away from those without an extended history in management.

Another thing that will jump off the screen, if a board member applicant gives you simple word or two word answers to complex questions, that's more or less only thinking about the payout. There are no simple solutions in a corporation. An applicant doesn't have to give a state of the union speech to answer a question, but i mild detailed answer shows the applicant has done the homework and has enough experience in management. You definately want this person in the board room when tough decisions have to be made that could alter the course of the company.

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