New Ways To Invest Your Money

If you're one of those people who invest in stocks hoping to get rich... I have only one question for you.. why ? I mean you're gonna pay $8.00 to buy and another $8.00 to sell some company that has a chance of losing value every minute. Even worse than that.. the same stock could do nothing for months. Remember microsoft in the 90's ? Why not take less risk on cheaper investments, say.. revshare companies. Revshare companies allow you to invest in projects a company is working and get paid very quickly. No buying and selling fees attached.

Royalty shares are very rare but it's another alternative to the stock market. There are very few companies that sell royalty positions but when you find them .. they are so worth it. You can also buy and trade the positions just like the market but without the outrageous fees. A couple months back I bought 3,500 royalty positions from for $7.00. That's right.. $7.00 for 3,000+ positions.

Last but certainly not least, invest in mining rigs. Mining rigs are basically supercomputers that calculate equations for crytpocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Once you buy the equipment for the rigs.. you'll be set back for almost seven months but after that.. it's all profit forever. The bigger the rig.. the more money you'll make no matter what the economy is going through.

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